Ad Agency Bullshit Outed By Client

I got a funny note today from a client we worked with in the past who's moved on to other things (the names have been changed to protect the innocent):

"You guys came to mind when I was at [Client Company], who use [Big Ad Agency] for their above the line comms. I was in a meeting with the new CEO, who presented their new agency mantra. After much internal debate and no doubt thousands of post its and much beard stroking, they had concluded that what they and their work did was "ignite conversations". They seemed quite proud of this conclusion - it was to be the thing that would galvanize their business. I was gob smacked. Our sales were down and all I really wanted was to sell more [Product]s. It never ceases to amaze me that these big agencies still don't get it..."

And now a shameless commercial message:
If you want someone to spend your valuable cash money trying to ignite some chit chat or something, go to one of them.
If you want someone to shift some product, come to the place where Sell! is in the name. Twice.

And another thing:
If you think you might work for the aforementioned Big Ad Agency, why not get one of our smashing Bullshit Free Zone posters for the office. You never know. It might help. A bit. You know it's not a magic poster, only words on paper.



  1. Wow - I ignite conversations all the time, so who wants to pay me some big bucks :)

  2. Sell Sell is the best mantra.

  3. Poor old publicis. They couldn't even ignite this conversation. Only 2 comments...Ignite Conversations but Douse creativity.

  4. brilliant. i would like to think that i have the same beliefs. i enjoy the site, and i will be sharing this post on mine.

    shon, dallas, tx (