Cover Me Badd - The Phenomenon Needs You

Picture this. You are on a busy train, tube or bus on your way to work. Or in a modern coffee bar filling in time between your a brand saliency optimisation meeting and a visit to the proctologist. You are reading a book.

Whether you like it or not, close proximity and basic human nature means that people are going to judge you on that book. People are idiots after all. That's where Cover Me Badd comes in. A new Sell! Sell! Doubles initiative, Cover Me Badds are phony book covers designed to slip snugly over the cover of most popular books, keeping your choice of reading matter private.

Reading the latest Dan Brown, or Ukrainian Tractor Drivers Go Bananas? Or perhaps Confessions Of A Shopaholic, or something like Gareth Gates' Autobiography (is there such a thing?)? Worry not about being looked down upon by your snooty fellow travelers for your populist or hurredly chosen reading matter. Simply slip a Cover Me Badd over your book and read happily.

Cover me Badd covers come in many different styles. Some are intellectual, like War & Peace Translated Into Mandarin (try topping that, disapproving studenty type), some are in-depth, like Space Science 4, An Expert's Textbook. And others simply say don't fuck with me, not even for an instant, like Serial Killing For The Intermediate, A Hands On User Guide. Whatever your need, there's a Cover Me Badd for Everyone.

Packs of our Cover Me Badd fake book covers will be hitting the stores later this year. But first, we'd thought we'd offer the chance to you, our dear reader to enter your own. Simply come up with an idea for a name, or even design a fake book cover, and send it to us at - The chosen entry will be included in our launch pack, and of course the winner will not only garner massive fame and what the Americans call Kudos (aftershave, I think), but also a share of what we are cautiously estimating to be an obscene amount of profit. So get your designing and writing fingers out. The closing date is March 31st.

Read the Cover Me Badd latest update here.


  1. I'd like the serial killer one for my daily tube ride - I think it would make sure my personal space is repected.

  2. Love it. Brilliant idea.
    Tomorrow i will be studying the 'A-Z of Coventry.'
    Do you have a fake 'A-Z of Milan, cos I'm dead sophisticated and well travelled and that, aint I?'

  3. Thanks Rant, most kind.
    We don't, as it happens, I like the angle though.

  4. We did a similar idea for our agency Christmas present where we sent blank notebooks to clients with incredibly convoluted and impressive titles, so they could look clever in meetings. Nicely done.

  5. Funny idea and some cracking designs!

  6. I like this. Well done. Can I have some?

  7. Thanks. No.
    Well, they're not printed yet, we're waiting to see if we get any good entries that we can add into the pack.
    I guess we'll see how funny our reader is.

  8. Any specs for this? Size and format? Please do tell!

  9. Howdo DIENASTY
    If you're thinking of doing a design, just do it to roughly the proportions of the covers shown here, pretty much any format will do, PSD, PSD, EPS, JPEG, etc.
    We can work out the details later.
    Hope you'll have a do.

  10. these are hilarious. i'm posting about these on my blog tomorrow. are they going to be available to buy in the u.s.?


  12. Hmm, well that is interesting Jim. That's virtually the same idea - although they are 'serious' books. We did a search before we started work on these, thinking it's the kind of idea that might have been done by someone else, but didn't find anything similar.

    *I've now had a longer look around, and found someone else who has done some that are actually more along the lines of ours (ie sillly ones): - looks like they've been around for a while, and these ones: - which are quite funny too.

    I guess it's one of those ideas that was too easy to be unique :-)

    PS - our readers have sent us loads of really good ones which we'll post up soon.

    Ta for the link.


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