Introducing The Merry January Giveaway Bonanza From Sell! Sell!

Yes, it’s that time of year again, ‘tis the season for agencies of all kinds to send around funny digital widgets, websites, snazzy Christmas-based films, pressies, jolly mailers, cards and all kinds of vaguely Christmas-related creativity.

But ask yourself this, dear reader - why should all this mildly embarrassing fun be condensed into a two week period in December, leaving January to be a cold and bleak month of coming back to work, dieting and incessant rain?

That's why this year we are bringing you Merry January, a veritable unfestive fest of fun. A ray of upbeat sunshine in the dankest month of the year. Sort of. On Monday 17th January, officially the most depressing day of the year (nicknamed Blue Monday by someone who made it up completely), we’ll be giving away what can only be described as an almost astonishing array of prizes...
A night for two at the Hemel Hempsted Travelodge

A screen-printed poster by excellent illustrator and
friend of Sell! Sell! Andy Smith (it might not be this one)

A pair of excellent books
...And The Truth Shall Set You Free  by David Icke
 and Positioning by Ries and Trout

A luxury Cheese & Spanners Hamper
Two packs of excellent Howdoos personalisable business cards
from our friends at Delicious Industries
A bag containing all of the needles that
fell off the Sell! Towers Christmas tree

A dance at the prestigious Browns Gentleman's Venue

A crate of Hollows Superior Alcoholic Ginger Beer
(more to come on these in the new year)

A genuine Wedgewood Charles & Camilla commemorative plate

The top shelf of spirits from City General Store round the corner

So to decide the winners, we'll be drawing numbers from a (Union Jack bowler) hat. To take part, all you need is an entry number. Some of you lucky lot will be receiving a hand letterpressed Merry January draw number in the post, printed onto recyled photography and illustrators cards from this year, they look like this...

To get your own draw number, just email and we'll send you one by the wonders of digital mail. Good luck, and here's to a Merry January!


  1. Okay! Sign me up. Send me a number.

    I have no idea what a spanner is. Or what it's used for. But do I love cheese.

    And alchoholic ginger beer contains one of my all-time favourite words - alcoholic.

    So go on Sell Sell: put me in the draw.

    Happy Merry January to all!

  2. Cheese and spanners, now that's my kind of hamper! Loving the big numbers on the draw cards too.

  3. Thanks for the postcard! Look forward to Jan 17th, Hattie x

  4. I'm going to an Alan Bennett talk that day and one of your prizes would just top it all off. I believe Bennett coined the phrase "In it to win it" but I'm not sure as to what he was referring to.


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