Aqueous I & II By Mark Mawson

The extremely talented photographer Mark Mawson got in touch recently. His underwater photography in particular is worth checking out. These stunning images are part of his Aqueous series, a book of which is available though blurb. Lovely stuff to see on a rainy Wednesday.

Old Spice Dadsong

This follow up ad to Old Spice's Momsong almost had me throwing up into my cereal bowl this morning (in a good way). Hats, socks and thongs off to Wieden Kennedy Portland once again.

Peep it:

Milton Glaser

Have a goosey at this interview of Milton Glaser with Steven Heller for Offset earlier this year. Milton Glaser has a lot of interesting things to say about today's world of graphic design and advertising.

I think he particularly hits the nail on the head when he talks about contemporary practitioners (his words, not mine) being fuelled by the idea of fame and riches rather than the pursuit of good work.

Milton Glaser in conversation with Steve Heller from OFFSET on Vimeo.

Duluth Trading

As kindly pointed out by George in the comments yesterday, more advertising focused on what makes the product worth buying – imagine such a thing...

By the way, on this subject, George's latest post is well worth a read.

Carhartt Rain Defender

Roll through angry weather.

This is good advertising. Honest and true.

Not a surprise to learn that this idea came from the in-house Carhartt creative department.

Aldi gives Morrisons a kicking

Aldi have followed Lidl's lead and produced a campaign that exposes Morrisons so-called loyalty scheme.

Whilst this execution doesn't display the same brutality and intelligence of its fellow discounter, it does still go for the jugular and take the high ground of price leadership.

I think it's a really healthy and refreshing thing to see a company take such a direct and no-holds barred approach to communication.

There's way too many ads around where you struggle to find even the remotest expression of a competitive advantage and too many ads bamboozling people with marketing gimmickry.

Hats off to anyone bold enough to run advertising counter to this trend and bullish enough to publicly tackle a competitor head on.