New W&K ad for Finish

There's a hell of a lot to enjoy in Wieden & Kennedy's swansong ad for Finish. It's refreshing to see something so entertaining in what is a relatively dull category. Also refreshing to see something grounded so firmly in the world of subject of cleaning dishes rather than any high falutin' brand purpose lifestyle nonsense. Seems absolutely ludicrous that the account is moving when the creative work is as good as this. Maybe it's a sad indictment and sign of our times that for some marketing folk other things matter far more that the quality of their advertising...


Harry Willcock via the excellent Mike Dempsey blog

Mike Dempsey has written two great pieces about Harry Willcock, the man who helped create a large portion Alan Aldridge's work. You can check out the first piece here, and the second here.

If you're not yet familiar with Mike Dempsey's blog, then get to know, son. It's one of the few blogs remaining that is written by someone capable of designing themselves, it features in-depth and thoughtful pieces about work created from both today and yesteryear, and there's not a shred of 'it's-ironic-therefore-it-must-be-good-omg-lol'.