A cautionary tale for the digital age...

Hidden within this piece in this morning's Metro, lurks a cautionary note for everyone who uses the internet. In a nutshell, the story is about a 'wheeler dealer' who bought 25 animal figurines from India on ebay to sell them on for a profit. However, when the animals arrive - he realises they are in fact LIFESIZE figurines. So now he can't move in his home because it is stuffed with 25 life-size porcelain exotic animals. That's basically the tale. However, when asked about his mistake, the man explains: "I never thought they would be this big. When I looked at the 2D pictures on the internet they looked so much smaller". And there, dear reader is the thing to learn from this sorry tale. Note: THINGS IN PICTURES ON THE INTERNET ARE NOT NECESSARILY LIFESIZE. If you are looking for a house online - the houses you are looking at are not miniature houses for little ant-people, likewise cars on the auto-trader website are not tiny cars that would be impossible to drive. They are in fact pictures of things much larger in real life. Stay alert out there people.

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