London Mayor Quote Of The Week

No, it's not a rent-a- quote from current incumbent Livingstone or mayoral wannabes Johnson or Paddick. And it's not even a quote from this week. Or the last four hundred years, come to that. The choice words we're talking about are from Lord Mayor Sir Thomas Bludworth who speaketh them at 3a.m. on Sunday 3rd September 1666.
When summoned to look at a fire just a couple of hours after it started, he dismissed it saying "a woman could piss it out" and went back to bed. Bad shout, Sir Thomas.
The blaze continued for the next five days and turned out to be the Great Fire of London, the most famous and catastrophic disaster in the capital's history.  Credit goes to the London's Burning exhibition at the Museum of London for bringing this to our attention.
Guess it makes Ken's call to replace Routemasters with bendy buses look like a masterstroke in comparison. 

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