Meet the ScreenThings

Well our ScreenThing project is now fully live and kicking. ScreenThing is an interweb project for the Motion Picture Association, for film and TV fans age 11-15. It's hosted through the Piczo network and brings exclusive film-related content, competitions, chat, and the chance to make and share short films - to kids who like that kind of thing. A big thanks to excellent Friends of Sell! Sell! illustrator Sam Chesterman and designers Delicious Industries for their work on the ScreenThing characters (top pic), that run through the site and that users can customise and use on their own Piczo pages. The site will be updated with new content and competitions throughout the year, though constantly running will be SpoofThing, which features user-made versions of famous film scenes, kicked off with some we made earlier with Squa. Cheers good people.

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