New Fentimans Commercial Advertisements

Roll-up ladies and gentlefolk, and feast your eyes on these curious new advertisements we have proudly created for our friends at Fentimans
. Fentimans make fine botanically brewed beverages, and sell them in these really smart bottles. Their previous campaigns set up a very nice Victorian look and feel, but we always felt the product was treated a little apologetically - not so helpful when you're trying to establish yourself and get people to try you out. So given that the packaging is so well put together, and that we're trying to get people to recognise and try the product when they're out on their Friday-big-shop, we thought we'd make the product the hero. We wrote headlines that directly suggest to people that they should try the drinks - in a very Victorian way of course. And together with Friends of Sell! Sell! Delicious Industries we created traditional letterpress style type for that authentic look. Look out for the ads in magazines and Sunday supplements - and look out for the drinks (Ginger Beer, Curiosity Cola, Victorian Lemonade and Dandelion & Burdock) at your local purveyor or supermarket.

To see more work, click here.

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