Sell! Sell! Salutes... Those New Smart Car Ads

It seems these days that the hardest thing for a lot of advertising agencies, and advertising creatives, is to let go of their ego and do something that is great for the product, even if it doesn't seem 'creadive'. At Sell! Sell! we firmly believe that the only reason creativity in advertising exists is to increase effectiveness. The makers of these new Smart Car adverts have found something interesting to say about their product - they've attacked what are probably two of the biggest barriers to people considering it head-on - and they've got the hell out of the way of that message. It wouldn't be fair to say that's all they've done, because they've given the ads a really good tone of voice and feel that really helps the message. And also because it's the bravest thing a creative can do to do something simple, when others would try to show off or put their own desire for 'cleverness' in the way of the product. Probably in some misguided desire to win in the creative award beauty parades.
Our little test is always "do we wish we'd made these ads?" and the answer is a resounding "yes". And for that, and all of the above reasons, Smart Car, and AMV - we salute thee!
Oh, here's the other one...


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