Sell! Sell! Salutes... Should've gone to Specsavers

'Should have gone to Specsavers' is something increasingly rare in the advertising business - an advertising idea that is allowed to build over time. Is it a strategy? Is it a creative idea? No, it's just a good advertising idea that is locked into the product and brand. Three years ago I don't think any particular high-street optician had an advantage over another, but thanks to the client (and the agency) having faith in this idea, Specsavers is becoming "the one you've heard of". The thing about building a campaign like this is that it's not about individual executions, it's about sticking with it over time. Often, the initial executions aren't 'knock-out' but do a good job setting up the idea for those who come later to bring it to life in different ways. It's not about making little pieces for the annual beauty parade of executions that are the creative awards - it's about building something valuable over time. So for that, for sticking with it, Specsavers - we salute thee!

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