South Park: Best Friends Forever

I've always been a fan of South Park. I followed it religiously when it first came out, but drifted away a bit after the first few seasons. However, since it appeared on iTunes, I have been watching loads of the episodes from seasons 8-11. And they are better than ever. South Park goes where others fear to tread. Take this episode, which I watched for the first time yesterday - 'Best Friends Forever' from Season 9. It touches on the controversial and extremely sad story of Terri Schiavo, but of course does so in a way that exposes the stupidity of a lot of the arguments, and obviously in a way that is extremely funny (the ultimate battle between heaven and hell, Sony PSP, and life support machine ethics - strong combination). It won an Emmy for Outstanding Animated Programme. Well deserved, I'd say. It's an excellent, excellent episode. But you probably wouldn't think so, goddam hippies.

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