Max's Joke 'O' The Week #5

Courting controversy
Following a hard day in court, a judge decides to go to the pub. Nine pints and seven whiskies later, he staggers out of the boozer and starts to walk home. Unfortunately, on his way he feels sick and he throws up all over his suit. Arriving home, he uses his fine legal mind to explain the mess to his wife. ‘Some filthy tramp vomited all over me,’ he moans, and his sympathetic wife makes him a nice cup of tea. The next day the judge comes home and decides to make his story more convincing. ‘You’ll never guess what?’ he says to his wife, ‘The tramp that threw up on me was in court today. I gave him six months!’ ‘Well,’ she replies, ‘You should have given him a year, because he shat in your pants as well.’

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