The Gene Simmons Hall of Fame

A quick update on the Gene Simmons Pinball Hall of Fame, which is basically the high score chart for the Kiss Pinball at Sell! Sell! Towers.

Ryan has stormed into the lead with an impressive 664,940. The top non Sell! Sell! contender is Anna from Nuffield Health with a respectable 290,940. James Mason is next with 244,220 - no not that James Mason, but rather the one from Friends of Sell! Sell! Twelve. Propping up the table are Judith from Delicious Industries, and Jimmy Skinner, also from Twelve.

Ryan 664,940
Vic 608,760
Andy 442,010
Anna 290,940
James Mason 244,220
Sarah 214,550
Mark D 197,620
Richard 165,820
Judith 145,250
Jimmy Skinner 101,320

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  1. Thank you kind people, for telling the world how crap I am at pinball!


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