Fraser Digby's Washbag

Danny Baker quietly regaining the 606 slot on Radio 5 live has put the fun back into football phone-ins (Remember David Mellor anyone?). I've caught this show a few times recently - his scattergun brain and quickfire approach always keeps things lively and his random themes never fail to strike a chord or raise a smile.
Recently, he's asked for contributions from listeners on footballers whose names sound like pirates (Dexter Blackstock and Muzzy Izzet in particular being my favourite suggestions)  and he's now started a regular feature called "Fraser Digby's Washbag".
Apparently inspired by some relatively mundane anecdote from a bloke who claimed to have found the former jobbing Swindon goalkeeper's washbag, Mr Baker is now inviting his audience to send in new lyrics to popular songs which are then given a "Fraser Digby's Washbag" musical makeover.
Take a look at the latest rendition.  It's a bit weird watching him on a YouTube clip rather than just hearing him on the medium in which this was intended for and originally broadcast. Nevertheless, it's definitely worth sharing.  Doubt it will get the same coverage as Andrew Sachs-gate but it deserves to.  Maybe Danny could leave a message on Fraser Digby's answerphone and Danny Kelly could blurt out "He used your shower gel" at the end.  Or maybe not.

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