Tiltshift Maker

First we had the Poladroid now we have the Tiltshift Maker. All you have to do is upload a photo to the site, then have a fiddle with the settings and you have yourself a Tiltshift-esque photo. I had a quick go and the result wasn't great but a bit more patience, the right kind of photo and you should get a decent result. Or you could always do it properly.


  1. grrrrrrrrr, takes all the skill away from the traditional method. Saves time and is considerably cheaper.
    p.s nice blog.

  2. Cheers.
    I know what you mean - I'm half expecting someone to bring out a 'great advertising' filter for photoshop sometime soon.

  3. Now there's a thought. 'Advertising Filter' for photoshop. Reminds me of the Dove virals they did. Rather good, I say.

  4. Nadav Kander has just done a tilt shift campaign for Land Rover. It's in the new Archive, and is pretty good in a conventional way.


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