VW Snow Plow

Wouldn't it be great if VW could get this classic back on air again tonight? Although it's almost 50 years since it first ran, I'm sure it would make sales rocket.
However, can you imagine what the conversations with the regulatory authorities would be like these days - "Please can you provide detailed substantiation that the man who drives the snowplow does indeed drive to it in a Volkswagen etc, etc"
I wonder how the man who drives a London bus gets to work? Probably in a London bus judging by this morning's standstill.


  1. Great ad - one of my favourite VW ones!

  2. awesome dude! not only was the volkswagen beetle the best design ever made, but they sure knew who to hire for their advertisements too! both are as genious as they are timeless! (I still drive my '72 beetle daily, through wind, rain, snow and, if I'm lucky; sunshine!)
    LOVE the stuff on your blog, by the way!