Process Photography

Those lovely photography peoples over at Process have got themselves a shiny new website. It has a crisp, clean look, it's easy to navigate and makes a hero of the work. It feels immediately vibrant and interesting, I'm sure because the work is up front. And it makes use of the web in a smart way - rather than make the images ungrabbable like some photography sites, it actually gives you the opportunity to download a decent decent sized 72dpi file of each shot. Very helpful for creatives and anyone else trying to put reference together or present work. A smart piece of interwebnet design we think. Check it out here.
Of course, the point of the site is that they have some very talented photographers, Louisa Parry, Matthew Murray, Bill Robinson and Ruud Baan are some of our favourites.

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  1. I like the style and humour in Matthew Murray's images, - they remind me of Martin Parr's work which I love!


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