Sell! Sell! CBS Bus Competition Entries

We love a bit of healthy competition.
And we also like free publicity for our clients.
So for the next fortnight, buses of London will be adorned with bus ads that we created for the CBS London Creative Challenge. The first, for our excellent friends at Fentimans, to promote their delicious Ginger Beer. And for the second for the lovely folks at homeless charity Crisis.

The idea of the Challenge is that the highest voted for entries each month will go through to a final. So, good readers, why not go to the Challenge site here and vote.
You can vote for one entry every day for the next two weeks, so if you'd like to see advertising goodness prevail over the forces of marketing evil, keep going back to vote (for one of our entries, that is. Obviously).

Click on the pics below to get a better look at the ads...

Oh, and this is where you vote again.

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