April Fools Day "A Hoax"

A lame April Fools Day related image

It was revealed today that April Fools Day was actually an elaborate hoax, intended to create free publicity for the creators of the Gregorian calendar, Aloysius Lilius and Pope Gregory XIII.
Many people were taken in by the hoax, including companies such as the BBC, BMW and various newspapers, who had created bogus adverts or stories along the theme of April Fools Day jokes.
An embarrassed spokesman for the BBC said "The calendar is usually a trusted source for reliable information, so when it said it was April Fools Day, we just assumed it was true, and now we've gone and wasted a load of license-fee payers' money on something that turned out to be a load of old rubbish".
The calendar creators have apologised, and added "We realise many companies and organisations have embarrassed themselves as a result of this, much like your dad making lame jokes in front of your mates, but obviously this was just a bit of fun, so we hope there's no hard feelings".

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