Cereal box art

As a kid I loved cereal (still do) but loved the boxes they came in even more. The bright colours of the boxes, the characters on the front, and more importantly what the free stuff inside was. Lucky Charms was a personal favourite for the brief time they were in the UK market (Anyone remember the free frisbies?).

So, its great to look through this pretty big archive of cereal box artwork. A lot of American stuff but still some great visuals.

PS how could we forget this one?...


  1. I love american cereal. They link me back to some much-loved family holidays in the States where I was amazed they played cartoons on several channels from about 5am. These channels would be full of ads for sugar-laden cereals that seemed impossibly exotic to my 7-year-old self. I actually remember the entire lyrics to several of the ads almost thirty years later and I still like Lucky Charms as a birthday treat these days (my wife despairs).

    My favourite was Ice Cram cones, advertised by a character called Ice Cream Jones (thank God that was his name, otherwise the song would have been a bit of an arse):


    And they all said 'a (something) part of this nutritious breakfast' that was about as nutritious as a Mars Bar.

  2. I love the fact they all have some fruit thrown on top, as if that makes them healthy.

  3. Ha cheers Ben, that's a cool ad. Is anything in that cereal actually cereal?