Thousands Of Badly Dressed People Descend On London For Protests

Thousands of badly dressed people are gathering to demonstrate in London today. Police, dressed sharply in matching fluorescent jackets and neat uniforms, are expecting most protests to be peaceful, but say they are prepared for any eventuality. One protester, wearing an unattractive baggy jumper with holes in it, said "We just want our voices to be heard, we don't want any trouble".

There have already been sightings of many worn-out hiking boots, wellingtons (even though it is sunny), hats made out of tea-cosies, and people who have been forced to wear clothing made only from hemp. The protests, thought to be in anger at not having enough money to buy decent clothes, are expected to congregate at the US Embassy, Trafalgar Square and the Bank Of England - some of the main centres of neat-dressing in London. There have been rumours that some protesters are planning to attack anyone seen in a suit, but police are quick to point out that they have not witnessed any trouble.

The demonstrations are timed to coincide with the G20 Summit in London, where most participants will be wearing either tailored suits in good quality fabric, or expensive off-the-peg items from good names.

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