Thousands of feathers

I first saw one of Kate MccGwire's installations 'Vex' (pictured up top) in the darkest depths of the Shoreditch Town Hall, as part of the Concrete and Glass Festival. It was sinister, brooding and brilliant. It stole the show, well for me anyway.

Kate's recent creations are mostly made from thousands of pigeon feathers, flowing water and mould. Now all this might seem a little off putting but her pieces really are captivating. She has a great knack of turning unpleasant materials into something quite beautiful. And if you stare at some of them for long enough you can convince yourself they're alive and breathing, or maybe that's just me after a few too many.

You can see more of her work in June (from 5th till 21st) at a show called The Space Between at St Pancras Crypt London, visit the site here for more details. Don't Panic recently interviewed Kate about her work and next projects - you can read the full interview here.

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