Planning. A Global Affliction. But Still Worse Over Here.

Planning. It's not all bullshit. Some of it comes from cows.

There was a little piece in this weeks edition of the weekly ad-tabloid Campaign asking Why is the UK failing at awards shows? As regular readers of the Sell! Sell! blog will know, I couldn't give a monkeys about creative awards schemes, but nevertheless, one of the opinions made me cringe so much that my chin and my forehead almost touched.

It was the planning director of MCBD, who said "Planning has now become the norm around the world, rather than a peculiar job function that only existed in the UK. In turn, this has helped international agencies develop more insightful and lateral strategies".

I offer another view:

Even though most of the advertising world has now been afflicted by the debilitating scourge of planning and it's associated nonsense, the UK ad business is so fucking hamstrung by its powerpoint-fuelled bullshittiness, that we're still fucking streets ahead in the production of meaningless, stilted and waffly advertising.

It's all opinions though, innit?


  1. Hear, hear. I'm with you guys on this issue. It's about all this nonsense was outed.

  2. I wish your quote was in Campaign instead.

  3. bang on comrade

  4. Chaps, liking your no bullshit approach, but i work closely with some excellent media planners on an FS client and we just got to our most effective campaign ever through letting them add a very ugly 'letterbox' device to our TV ad. Client is so happy they'd now like to book more primetime spots. So while agree there are some shabby beard-stroking chartlatans out there, decent qual planners in some sectors can help effectiveness or 'selling' and support the creative cause.

  5. Thanks for your comment Anonymous. Likewise we've worked with some smart media planners who've helped to make effective campaigns. It's important to draw a distinction between them and ad agency planners, whose main input into projects is to make them more complicated, over-intellectualise, or to try to crowbar in whatever wanky thinking is in the latest bullshitty planning book they're reading.


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