New Yorkshire Tea Ad Campaign.

Big thumbs up for the new Yorkshire Tea campaign featuring the marvellous John Shuttleworth.
It's got tea and Yorkshire at the heart of the idea. Which is why it's a brilliant ad for Yorkshire Tea. And why we love it. Hats off to everyone involved at BMB. Wish we'd done it.


  1. Funny, everyone I know from Yorkshire dislikes it...

    It's quirky, and the idea is quite nice; I can't make my mind up about the execution.

  2. Ha ha, the Yorkshire's are joyless lot though aren't they?
    It's that inferiority complex compared to t'other side of the Pennines.

  3. Just to be clear, especially for the folks coming here via adrants, we loves the Yorkies really.
    One of us quide lidderally.


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