Win An Exclusive-ish Fuck Off Jonathan From Spotify Tee Shirt

We took delivery of our smashingly to-the-point Sell! Sell! Fuck off Jonathan from Spotify tee shirts today, as modeled here by our good friend El Burrito.

And, you guessed it (well the title of the post gives it away somewhat) we're giving away five FOJFS tees to our gorgeous readers.

Simply complete this sentence "I need a Sell! Sell! Fuck off Jonathan from Spotify tee shirt because..." and email it to us at (oh, and don't forget to include your tee size).

The best five as judged by an esteemed international panel of creatives (much like Cannes except with less wankers) get one each.


Delicious Industries said...

Cool tee - El Burrito is definitely rocking that look!

Sell! Sell! said...


Anonymous said...

Nice tee. Funny.