Bacardi & Cola. They Get The Job Done.

A classic on a Thursday. Bacardi & Cola. Once again the Yanks show how you can put the product at the centre of the communication and still make it entertaining stuff. Here in Britadland it seems most people either can't or won't do this. But again, I think the 'production line' approach of ad agencies is partly at fault. Anyway, enough of that, enjoy...


  1. They are truly a cheese fest - and who needs Barcardi and Cola now that there's jack and Coke in a can!

  2. But excellent cheese of the highest order, surely?

    You're truly living the high life with Jack and Coke in a can, eh? :)

  3. Works for me... and funny too.

  4. This is another positive result in my 'people as products' trend theory experiment.

    See new UK Pimms TV ad for details.


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