Terry Power

Terry. It's a proper name. It falls into the same category as Kevin, Barry, Reg and Derek - names that people were called in the 70s but people wouldn't dream of calling their newborn these days. It's a damn shame we say - bring back the good old unglamorous English name! So to celebrate all that is good and true, we bring you this Tuesday - top five Terrys...

1. Terry Wogan. He might be bowing out, but he's still the champ. Apparently his toupé is up for a lifetime achievement BAFTA next year.

2. Terry Nutkins. Famous for having an extraordinary haircut and variously severed fingers - can you imagine him being let on to kids TV these days? I think not.

3. Terry Waite. His resilience did the Terry fraternity proud. And I still chuckle at the rusty bicycle joke. Yes, that does make me a bad person. I'll say three hail Bernbachs before I go to bed tonight.

4. Terry-Thomas. Hellllllo. The Terry with the unexplained and enigmatic hyphen. The ladykiller of the Terrys - a rare breed indeed.

5. Terry's Chocolate Orange. The Mike Tyson of Christmas chocolate (pre-rape era of course). Hide away in your bedroom when your weird relatives come round on Boxing Day and attempt to devour a whole one whilst playing a Hungry Horace marathon.

Sorry to the many Terrys that didn't quite make it. Towelling, McDermot, McCann and Venables to name but a few. As always, let us know any good ones that we missed in the comments, kind readers.


  1. Top Terry-tastic work. Surely Pratchett, Gilliam and Christian must have merited serious consideration?

  2. Ah yes. Christian. An honorable mention. I think we'll save him for another top 5 tuesday... hmmm, top 5 annoying TV presenters anyone?

  3. Terence Trent-D'arby surely. The most pretentous Terry.

  4. Terry McDermot. Keep him well away please

  5. What about Terry Tibbs the wheeler dealer geezer from fonejacker?
    He'll be on the blower any moment now.

  6. Viz's Terry Fuckwit was always a favourite of mine.

    Coincidentally, I went to school with a kid called Terry Fuckwit, though he pronounced it 'Foo-wit'.

    Not really.


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