40 Years Of Monty Python

The collective genius of Chapman, Cleese, Gilliam, Idle, Jones and Palin first came to our television screens as Monty Python forty years ago today and changed comedy forever. Brighten up a miserable Monday morning by watching the legendary "Fish Slapping Dance". 


  1. This clip infringes the copyright of Monty Python. You bunch of Knock Off Nigels.

  2. Ha ha, very droll Terence.
    In fact, the creators of Monty Python have actually put their clips onto YouTube, and used them to encourage people to buy their DVDs, box sets etc.
    I have a nice box set of their stuff, it's very funny. I can highly recommend it you don't own a copy.

    They made a very good film about it, too here it is (on YouTube) it's very funny...


  3. In fact, the Monty Python channel on YouTube doesn't contain the fish slapping sketch.

    The clip you linked to was posted by DangerDan - who I don't believe was in the original Python line up. I also suspect that he doesn't have the right to upload that clip.

    So, what you're saying is that viewing "Knock Off" works for free is an excellent way of driving sales of DVD box sets etc?

    I'm sure your clients will be relieved to hear that they no longer need to run the "Knock Off Nigel" campaign because watching things for free encourages sales.

    Thanks for clarifying.


  4. Hello again Terence.

    Just for the record, that’s clearly not what we are saying at all.

    We were simply passing on what the Monty Python people chose to do.

    Clearly you’re entitled to your opinion. We respect that. Obviously we could easily have chosen not to publish these comments, but we’re fans of a bit of open debate. The Knock-Off Nigel campaign has always polarised opinion, we know it’s never going to convince those who think everything should be free.

    We’re off for the weekend now though, have a lovely weekend.


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