PC plod

Did you ever get that sort of flat feeling when these anonymous and suspiciously slow plodding feet (that move annoyingly just off beat) came on telly? An all too familiar sort of sinking feeling from way back when you were wee, where the end credits of the Bill signified bedtime, like it or not.

Well if so, this week's top five might be right up your street...

We've come up with our top five onscreen coppers who give us the exact opposite feeling - we feel positively joyous when watching these old Bill's! So to celebrate, and in no particular order, we've got -

1. Axel Foley

2. Frank Dreben

3. Chief Wigan

4. Officer Dibble

5. Inspector Clouseau 

If we've missed any hot fuzz let us know.


  1. Hope the copyright owners of those clips don't mind you using them. You bunch of Knock Off Nigels.

  2. Hey, you're posting copyrighted content that's technically been illegally posted to youtube. So you support the unauthorised copying of video content after all?

    I fully expect this comment to get deleted, but at least hopefully one of you will read it and realise what utter hypocrites you are.

  3. Thanks for your comments, both. It’s important to draw a distinction between what the Knock-Off Nigel campaign is trying to discourage, which is people taking or watching unauthorised copyrighted video material wholesale in a way that avoids rightful payment for it. And what we do on here, which is occasionally using small clips for the purposes of creative critique or review (in this case top 5 on-screen coppers).


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