Exclusive World Premiere Of The Appliance Of Love

You lucky things. Yep, right here on this very post you are witnessing the world premiere of our short film The Appliance Of Love. But don't worry, you don't have to get dressed-up on our account.

We made it earlier this year as an entry for the Straight8 competition - where you have to make a three minute film on a single cartridge of super 8 cine film without editing or post-production.

A big thanks goes to the lovely and talented chaps at Yellow Boat Music for the excellent track they composed for the film, and to Squa for his help in rescuing the terribly over-exposed parts so that you can see them (sort of) here.

We had a great time making it, it was a new challenge and a massive learning curve for as - the first time we pushed the button at the beginning of shooting the film was the first time any of us had shot anything with a Super8 camera. But we'll definitely be doing another for 2010.

Man: Himself
Toaster: 2T15SS
Music: Yellow Boat Music
Sound: Clearcut
Invaluable help: Squa
Direction/Writing/Cinematography/Production: Sell! Sell!


  1. It's hilarious - I love it. Looks like you had a lot of fun making it too.

    Great production and timing! Such a shame about the over-exposure, but in some bits I actually think the cheesy sunbursts help the feel.

  2. Ha, that's made my afternoon!
    Surely there has to be a sequel?

  3. Sorry guys; hackneyed, unfunny, self indulgent unSuper8.

  4. Thanks for your thoughts anonymous person. All opinions welcome.

  5. Made me laugh. Well put together.

  6. I like it. More lighthearted than the usual Straight8 stuff, which is nice to see - you tend to see a lot serious or clever stuff. Did it get selected?

  7. Were you tempted to put a sex scene in?


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