Vote In The Bully Awards

Our excellent US anti-bullshit compadre Bob The Ad Contrarian Hoffman has launched the excellent Bully Awards, for Outstanding Achievements in Advertising and Marketing Bullshit.

Take a wander over to Bob's blog, and have your say. And in the process help to fight the tyranny of advertising and marketing bullshittery.


  1. Great idea, sure there'll be lots of competition!

  2. I don't know about you, but I just had to vote for the Synergy-Related Headcount-Adjustment.

    All of it was total bullshit, but that was cowardly, maliferous bullshit.

    That said, Arnell's Meisterwerk of sheer cock was hard to top, especially when he got to the 'gravitational pull of the Pepsi aisle'.

  3. thanks for putting this up. can hardly believe some of the stuff on there. especially that there is a website called 'social media insider'. The tropicana film is hilarious.
    But that arnell guy wins a Pepsi lightyear.

  4. should have said 'wins by a pepsi lightyear'. doh.

  5. I nominated the guy from Syzygy, I feel honoured to have it included.

    The Pepsi document is true genius though - it's beyond parody.


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