2010 And Beyond. A Great New Decade For Advertising.

It's time to say goodbye to the noughties, a decade in which advertising has been knocked about like a slow heavyweight with a dodgy guard. 

Over the last ten years, advertising has been made to feel increasingly bad about itself by commentators, digital evangelists, and even its own, as a generation of self-loathing creatives, ashamed of their craft, have become creative directors and passed their distaste for the business of selling to a new generation.

People have told us that advertising is out of date, that no one is interested, that broadcast is dead, that it's a business of dinosaurs. 

In turn advertising people have spent the decade afraid to make advertising, ashamed to make things that openly sell, they've pretty much turned the business into some weird sponsored entertainment merry-go-round of oblique ideas, ass-covering bullshit and powerpoint presentations.

But the fact is that the really important stuff hasn't changed. Sure, there are new technologies, and new methods of communication, but people are still people, with their needs to be happy, be successful, have enjoyment, feel fulfilled. Human nature is still human nature.

And when was the time exactly when when advertising was actually welcomed? Truth is, that time has never existed. Advertising has always had to earn peoples' interest. It has always had to work hard to not be a rude intrusion into life. It's the same now as it's always been. Harder probably, but the same nevertheless.

It's time for advertising to shake off the negativity and be proud again of what it can do.

Really good advertising can make businesses a friendly visitor into peoples' lives, not a rude interruption. With careful consideration of messages we can be helpful and relevant, not annoying or an obstruction.

It's time for advertising to get back to the important basics of being a charming but persuasive salesman. And to be proud of that craft, thinking and creativity. 

The advertising business, through its unique and powerful blend of commercial nous and applied creativity, has the ability to transform the fortunes of businesses, to even help save them, and even to change those businesses themselves for the better. And I happen to believe that good businesses and good products contribute positively to society.

We should be proud of being the people who can make that happen, people who through the process of coming up with ideas, can make a positive difference not just to the economy but to everyday life.

Advertising is a great business, at its best a simple collection of people with a unique blend of commercial and creative skills, not bound by any one media, theory or technology. With a broad knowledge and understanding of the media and technological landscape, and more importantly an instinctive understanding of human nature and how people tick. We use these skills and knowledge to find ways to help our clients be more successful, and hopefully make peoples' lives a little bit better in the process.

We're at a time when the economy, and society in general, is desperate for something to help it climb out of this recession and period of gloom. The opportunity is there for us to make the next ten years a decade when advertising gets proudly back on its feet and fights back with energy and creativity, using techniques and technologies both established and new. We can help propel business into a new time of success, and play our part in creating an upbeat and prosperous decade.

Happy New Year.


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