Passion & The Soda Pop Guy

I found this great film over on the Here Be Monsters blog, where Simon says "Isn't this what business should really be about?". Yes is the answer. I love this guy. When people are genuinely passionate about what they do, that's when business is genuinely enjoyable, exciting and rewarding. If you're in the car hire business, being passionate about giving the best fucking car hire service that is possible, if you're a joiner, being absolutely passionate about wood, and the craft of joinery, if you're in the bookselling business, being obsessive about books, reading, writing, and the minute details of selling books. If you're a prostitute, well you get the picture.

It's exciting working with clients and company owners who are obsessed about their product or service, and are passionate about making it as good as possible. Similarly, the best people I've met or worked with in the advertising business have been obsessed about making the best possible advertising to an extent that people outside the business would probably find surprising. And on the flipside, those people who aren't really that bothered, or are more interesting in the money, or just got into it because it seemed like it might be a laugh, they're the ones who tend to turn out the poor stuff.

Anyway, this a great film, I really love the Soda Pop guy's attitude. And there's a great little mention for our friends at Fentimans in the middle, too.


  1. I want to go there - it looks great. I can't believe how many different manufacturers there are - the packaging on some of those bottles looked fantastic too!

  2. Nice little film, that guy is nuts, but likeable all the same.


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