I admit it. Sell! Sell! is a flawed company. There's no denying it anymore. We are institutionally addicted to sweets. Haribo in particular. The milk bottle Haribo especially. But any kind of sweets really. We love them. There I said it. I feel better.

So it was with the delirious glee of a true addict that we opened this package from the lovely folks at Vivio in Poland, sent as a thank-you for the Bullshit Free Zone Posters that we posted them. It's filled with a smashing mix of weird and wonderful Polish sweets.

Much appreciated fine Vivio folks, we're already enjoying them. Ta.

If anyone else ever fancies sending us any kind of sweets or confectionary item as bribe, inducement, or just for the sheer pleasure of giving, please feel free.


  1. Glad you liked those :).. We shared our trading success on our facebook bling ;)..


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