Fresh Fentimans Furtling Fun, And A Tonic For A Monday

Something for a Monday, our latest Fentimans furtling beermat. For those unfamiliar with it, Furtling is the Victorian Art Of Erotic Hand Manipulation (or making your fingers look like bums and things). We've made some previous versions for Fentimans Ginger Beer, Curiosity Cola and Victorian Lemonade, and they seem to go down well - we've seen some for sale on eBay by some opportunistic, cheeky blighters, and people sometimes write to Fentimans asking for them, which is nice. This new one is to promote Fentimans' new Tonic Water, and delicious it is too. If you'd like to know why it makes such a good mixer, have a read of this...


  1. Always funny and always lovely typography!

  2. Thank you, very kind (and biased) person :-)

  3. I love this ad!

    Beautifully written piece of long copy (something we need loads more of).

    I would genuinely go out and buy this stuff just on the basis of the ad.

    Beautiful! Beautiful!

  4. I love the little cards. We are having a fentimans stuff at our wedding. I'd LOVE to have some of these for the guests.


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