Joe Wilby's Fine Cuts

We've just completed this project for film and commercials editor Joe Wilby. It's a full set of stationery, postcards, invoice, cards, DVDs, website etc. all based on the theme of people who 'cut'. We've used some old school advertising illustrations of different tradesmen and businessmen, along with some suitably punny cut-based slogans. The print is single colour lithography on different weights of Strathmore natural white, for that classic feel.


  1. Cool contrast of vintage styling and a witty concept - the "Gentlemen, I think it's time we paid Joe" line on the invoice is brilliant.

  2. Lovely stuff chaps!

    As fine image makers and wonderful creative type folk I'm hoping you will help get the word out on the Digital Economy Bill Clause 43.

    Our latest post has all the useful info you need.

    Cheers me dears


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