Cover Me Badd - The Update II

Hello lovely folks. A quick update on the Cover Me Badds. You may remember a while back we unveiled our daft idea to make fake book covers with funny/stupid designs and asked you, our talented reader to come up with some suggestions and designs of your own. Which happily, many of you did.

Well, as is the way of the internet, not long after we posted it up, a couple of people helpfully pointed us in the direction of similar things that were already out there. Notably these, and these. Oh bum, we thought, the first ones in particular are pretty much the same as our Cover Me Badds.

There's always a long list of other daft ideas here at Sell! Towers that we'd like to get around to producing or doing (see some previous here, here and here ). So, rather than foist upon the world yet another variation of the fake book cover genre, we've decided not to put them into production, and concentrate our efforts on something else. But, if you still like the idea of covering up your embarrassing reading matter with a fake cover, you could do a lot worse than get your hands on one of the above designs.

But a big thanks to you, our talented readers, who sent us a truckload of interesting and funny ideas (some embarrassingly better than some of our own poor efforts). There were the funny, the ridiculous, the controversial, and the downright weird, and it was a pleasure going through them. Sorry to say that it doesn't look like they'll be your fast track to fortune as we had foolishly suggested, but they could yet be your way to infamy, as we've posted up a few of our favourites here. Thanks again to everyone who sent a design or title idea.

Sarah Wood

Richard Alan Roberts

Pete Wald

Clinton Harding


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