10 Imaginary Summer Fiction Book Titles

The Portuguese Lute
Ten Days In Iberia
The Conquistador's Daughter
Mary Chesterton
That's Because of You
A Journey From Macedonia
A Clock For Eternity
The Forbidden Chantuese
The Dog Breeder's Acquaintance
Knowing Sebastian

Any suggestions?


Ben-Kay said...

From 30 Rock, but great: The Rural Juror.

How about: The Adjective Abstract Noun.

Anonymous said...

The Man With The Ukrainian Pyjamas.

Gary Barry said...

The Spartacus Complex
I Made It With Kate
My Mate Jake
Buffalo Moonshine
The Calligraphy Teacher
Getting Over Jerry

Rufus Hound's Facial Hair said...

The Banjo Maker
The Fourth Armageddon
Paris On My Mind
The Shoes Fit
The Gentle Gentile
Shoe Shopping For Beginners