Yes, I Wrote The Brian Letter

Brian's Open Letter To All Of Advertising And Marketing seems to have developed a life of its own over the last few days. Earlier I counted more than twelve pages of google links to different places that have posted it. It's heartening to see that so many people related to it. But as it spread further afield, people started to ask "Is this even a real letter from a member of the public?". The answer is, obviously (I thought), no.

The letter was based on conversations I've had with mates of mine who aren't in the business, in fact Brian is based on one of them. It's simply a bit of fun at the expense of those poor deluded people in the ad and marketing business who seem to think that members of the public have nothing better to do than wait for the next lame marketing scheme. Now, obviously there are those rare occasions when something catches the imagination of the public, or is interesting enough to work. But mostly, it seems like marketers and advertising agencies mistakenly imagine that Joe public is waiting with bated breath to spend their valuable time participating in some half-arsed scheme for relatively low-interest products. They are not.

So there you have it.

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  1. nice work mate, it seems that the general consensus of 'actually i have other things to be doing in my life' gets left out of a lot of digital advertising manifestos.

  2. well. i won my bet. that's a bottle of scotch you've won me. you shouldn't have owned up though. brian's twitter feed could have been up there with diana in heaven.

  3. excellent! kudos to you, I reckon it defiantely gave a lot of people pause for thought. Not me obviously, I was too busy scanning youtube for ideas to rip off.

  4. Thanks Josh.

    Mr Legs, if it's a good scotch it seems only correct that I share in the spoils of your victory. I am happy to provide glasses, and water or ice (as per your taste).

    You're right of course about not owning up, I shot my bolt there. Bugger.

  5. The letter was ace and seemed to do the rounds nicely. We love Brian.

  6. I knew it immediately to be from the pen of Mr. P ('shitstorm' was the giveaway), but Vela fell for it! Keep up the good work etc...Mr L.

    ps. the 'word verification' for this is 'Nosable'

  7. Nice to hear from you, Mr.L, how astute you are. Good to know Mr.V is still two beats off the pace *JOKE*.


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