Oo la la, Citroen in the 60's

We spotted these vintage Citroen brochures from the 60's over on grain edit, aren't they nice? They were created by Delpire, once a leading Parisian creative agency, who created loads of great promo stuff for Citroen back in the day. You can see more of their great work for Citroen here.


  1. Hello gang,

    Reminded me of this - http://keith.miata.net/110S/1.html

    A cracking bit of vintage stuff from Mazda of all people.

    Some superb superhero graphics, but some absolutely brilliant, writing too (what with you being true connoisseurs of copy and all).


  2. Thanks for that. I'm a sucker for a (nerd-alert) rotary engine anyway, so that was an interesting read. The copy is, as you say, brilliant. And the graphics, well they're a bit bonkers aren't they?


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