Guess the Star of World Football From Their Classic Football Sricker

Would you like to see your Friday afternoon disappear into a vortex of memory searching, googleizing and laughing at haircuts? If the answer is yes, and you're a football fan of a certain age, you might enjoy this test of football knowledge from Three Match Ban.


  1. I can feel the excitement of opening a pack of Panini football stickers and there being a badge among them. Straight into the playground to hear the familiar,got,got,got,need,got,got.Wasa badge worth two or three players?

  2. yeah, Panini rules.
    still collect them (and I'm in mid 30s). World and Euro Cups only. for my kids.
    badge and number 1 were worth 3 players or one megastar (like Maradona, Platini etc)

    one thing I find funny though. with age I started to look at the numbers and not at the faces. just can't remember them all.
    kids of course are still looking at faces.


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