A Short Commercial Break

A couple of recent TV commercials that we like. First up, from the excellent Escape Pod, an ad with a clear product demonstration, and a benefit. That tries to sell you a product. In an interesting way. I know!

And secondly, all the way from Australialand, this fun spot for Hahn beer. What's not to like?


  1. thank ye kindly! glad you liked

  2. The Hahn spot is already best ad of the year.

  3. not fan of first ad.
    badly edited, "demosntration" could be stronger/funnier.

    Hahn... that's another story. just great.

  4. No worries Vinny, nice ad.

    Anon, each to their own I guess.
    I can see why the Hahn ad is so popular in ad-blog-land too - it's the ad that a lot of creatives in their 20s and 30s dream of making; silly, lots of references from the TV of their youth etc.

  5. The thing I like the most about the first ad is it looks like it's going to shift a load of Herculiner.

    Hahn is good fun - I know what you mean though s!s!

  6. The Hahn ad is the best ad I have ever seen.

  7. I don't see what's so badly edited about the Herculiner ad. Badly dubbed maybe, but a bit of a harsh comment on the editoring.


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