Snoop Dogg / Snoop Lion / Ebenezer Snoop / Big Fat Poop

If like me, you like to laugh at all things terrible, you will be familiar with the colossal nip-slip that is 'Snoop Dogg'. Most of you will probably be aware by this point that 'Snoop' has recently re-branded himself as 'Snoop Lion'. He is calling it a Rastafarian Reincarnation.

 I know, I know.

You'll be pleased to hear that all this shitness just got a whole lot nuttier.

 For the holiday season the newly born 'Snoop Lion' has again re-branded himself as 'Ebenezer Snoop'. As a joint project, Adidas and 'Poop Cloggs' have released this fantastic (unbelievably terrible) festive video below.

This is our gift to you, dear reader. Merry Christmas.


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