CDP Celebration YouTube

Without a shadow of doubt, CDP was the finest advertising agency the UK has ever seen.

Over 100 of their finest commercials can be viewed here.

It's worth taking a trip down memory lane to marvel at the top drawer craft that all their TV work possessed.  Great casting, great writing, great performances, great directing.  And not just on the famous award-winning campaigns that they are historically associated with.

I've pulled out a few lesser known gems here that serve to illustrate that this was an agency who applied  the highest creative standards to anything that went out of the building.

These days a lot of agencies have a couple of high profile creative show ponies that tend to mask the mediocrity or poverty of the rest of its output.

The brief blurb that accompanies the site summarises their heyday perfectly.

A selection of great CDP TV and Cinema commercials from a time when advertisements were better than the programmes they interrupted. 

How times change.  Anyway, enjoy at your leisure.

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