Just When You Think That The Final Nail Has Been Hammered Into The Advertising Industry's Coffin When It Comes To Credibility, Someone Comes Along With A Brand-New, Six-Foot, Gold-Plated Nail, And A Massive, Fuck-Off, Hundred-Pound Lump Hammer, And Gets Busy...

From Campaign Brief:
As Jeff wrote to us earlier, what on earth would Ed McCabe think?


  1. Hi, Sell! Sell!

    Last Tuesday I went to the One Club's Hall of Fame induction of Steve Hayden.

    No slouch when it comes to awards and great work.

    In his acceptance speech he said "The work we did for IBM wasn't made to appeal to the presidents of award show juries. It was meant to matter to presidents of countries."

  2. That sound you hear is the last thread of common sense left snapping under the strain of thousands of thousands of tons of pretentious, self-righteous bullshit.

    The Emperor's new clothes are looking very fine indeed.

  3. Have agency people no integrity at all? I don't think it it will work. Surely not. Can't. Won't. Mustn't.


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