My 3 favourite things about working at Sell! Sell!

As we start the new year I have found myself reflecting on the previous year. Who I have wronged, how I will continue to wrong them and what brand of chocolate spread was my favourite (Nutella).

I then got thinking about the job I was fortunate to have got here. I compiled a short list of my three favourite things and thought I would share my experiences with you, dear reader.

'In at 3:' The Strong Coffee

The coffee at Sell! Sell! is made groin-grabbingly strong. The smell alone is enough to wake a corpse and cause it break out into the 'Thriller' dance routine. Perfect for those monday mornings.

'In at 2:' My Claw

After 4 months of continuous pen and tablet use it has left my right hand somewhat misshapen. Some of you may see this as a negative thing, that my hand may one day be subject to arthritis and will cause me a lot of pain. Well to you I say 'Jog on'. Whenever I pick things up with my new mangled claw, I feel like an eagle swooping down to catch its prey. Anything that feels that cool can't be bad for me, surely.

Numero Uno: The toilet seat

Yeah, that's right, my favourite thing about working at Sell! Sell! is not the opportunity to do great work, the friendly people or the endless cups of tea/coffee. My favourite thing about working at the sausage-fest that is Sell!Sell! is the fact that every time I go to the toilet I am greeted by an upright toilet seat.

Look at it. Doesn't it warm your heart? Never again do I have to fight gravity lifting it up or hear the words "blah, blah, blah, you left the toilet seat up, waffle, blah, blah". I can just walk into the toilet, gun in hand, and unleash terror.

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