Which Ad would you like to bring to life?

Ah, the wonders of On Demand multichoice TV advertising.

I do not wish to learn about dual frontal stereo speakers or live home screens. Would sir like waterboarding or a stress position? Where is the 'Neither, just get on with it' option?

HTC - who do you think you are?

I want the content I've searched for and clicked to watch. If there are ads before it, fine, crack on - but dont presume I wish to embark on a journey of engagement and discovery with you after a long day. All I want is Grand Designs.


  1. I would like to buy lots of these adverts for Adblock Plus.

  2. What if it was really well targeted ad, that you wanted to engage with so you could have a conversation with them, about how much you enjoyed the brand so you could tell your friends about them?


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