Lait D'Homme

"The Manly Chocolate Milk For Men With Added Man".

We like this campaign for WingCo. A lot.

They've obviously had a lot of fun with it which is always good to see.

Thumbs up and hats off to everyone involved at CHI and Arla.

This idea can run and run and run.


  1. He looks a bit like "the most interesting man in the world" (Dos Equis).

  2. I noticed this. Tick. It was probably the only ad i noticed that day, and thought about for a second. The thoughts were thus: Nice art direction. Funny. What's it for? Oh a new chocolate milk. hmmm - is chocolate unmanly? In the that London metrosexual metropolis i seem to inhabit, i've never been self-conscious in my chocolate milk consumption. This campaign smells a bit like that nice French Connection campaign a while ago. Difference is that campaign had a bit of an insight. I fear this came from the planning brain of Scrunch or Fold. Much prefer my milk ads with a bit of Belgian anarchy Just sayin.

  3. Wow. How creative. They probably never ever ever ever saw a Dos Equis ad before they came up with this.