Round, Round, Round We Go

In many respects - a lot of Advertising nowadays is like monkey greyhound racing.

Very entertaining, worthy of a 'like' and/or a 'share' - but ultimately, doing sod all for any of the parties involved.


  1. Is that the latest First Direct ad?

  2. We get paid though. I reflected ruefully the other day that over the last few years I have been paid quite a lot of money and expended not a small amount of effort achieving absolutely nothing.
    Unless you count creating stuff for focus groups, creative directors, clients, planners and research groups to reject.
    In which case I have achieved a lot.
    Yet I continue to be employed.
    It's the only job I know of where you can be so busy getting precisely nowhere and having nothing at the end to show for it except money.

  3. money... and some pretty cool stories to tell in the retirement home.

  4. I read retirement home as resentment home on first reading. Which made me think.